Vindspill, solfangere, swarovski krystaller m.m


The wind makes its own music, and it plays whatever makeshift instrument it can, from the percussion sounds of window shutters to the throaty overblowing of glass bottles. But wind chimes are something special - a wind instrument that only the wind can play. Or can it? Windchimes were derived from reitaku, Indian wind bells that were suspended from the corners of temple halls. Their ringing prompted an ancient Indian Zen master, Sanghanandi, to ask the question, "Are the bells ringing or is the wind ringing?"
For inspiring peaceful meditation or abstruse Zen contemplation, there's nothing like the sound of a wind chime. At Phoenix Import, you'll find many different wind chimes, in a variety of beautiful and richly sonorous materials. Aluminum (in alloy with other metals) and bamboo wind chimes accentuate silence through contrast, and create a tranquil atmosphere both inside and outside the home. You can even find outdoor wind chimes tuned to specific tones or based on the medieval scale that makes that era's music so inimitably soothing.
In addition to our selection wind chimes, we carry a variety of wind chime styles, tuning bars and tuning forks. 

There are some main guidelines for best feng shui placement of wind chimes: the material they are made of, the number of rods/bells and the symbols present in its design. Material: always be mindful of matching the material/feng shui element of the wind chime with the bagua area element where you want to place it. A metal wind chime can be placed in the West, Northwest and North, while a wood/bamboo chime can be placed in the East, Southeast, and South bagua areas.


Swarovski crystals

The light inside a room is an important Yang aspect. Crystals separate the components of white light and the resulting rainbow colors stimulate and build up the Chi, enchanting us.

Rainbow Crystals help to prevent energy loss. If door and window are opposite each other, Rainbow Crystals stabilize and tranquilize. Dead, dark corners of a room can be reactivated with a Rainbow Crystal. In long hallways the Crystals slow down the Sha-Chi. Rainbow Crystals soften edges that have sharp cutting Chi. They radiate without direct sun light, as their potential is always present. Without our being aware of it, they are building up Chi.

Our Rainbow Crystals are from Swarovski.


We have Rainbow Crystals as lead Crystals (lead content approx. 30 %) and as lead-free Crystals.