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3 kinesiske lykkemynter med rødt bånd & Mystic Knot Feng Shui


3 kinesiske lykkemynter med rødt bånd & Mystic Knot Feng Shui

Chinese Lucky/Wealth Antiqued Copper Coin & Envelope (25mm)

Chinese wealth coin made from antiqued copper and embossed on both sides. Coins that bring you so much more than money you can spend. These Chinese coins are said to bring you luck and wealth. 

Carry in your purse or pocket to attract abundance into your life. Give as a thank you gift or in recognition of a Birthday or celebration. Supplied in a Red Prosperity Envelope embossed with gold coloured Chinese characters.

Size: Envelope Size 12.5 cm x 8cm Coin 2cm approx.


Feng Shui Lucky Coins and Happy Buddhas

  • Symbol of happiness and wealth creation
  • For the feng shui wealth corner
  • Coins made of brass
  • Chinese Lucky Coins

    From ancient times, the coin in China symbolizes luck and growing prosperity. All is represented in one single coin. 
    A braided band containing coins is a wonderful illustration of how interwoven we are with our destiny and the material world.
    It demonstrates an interaction that simultaneously encourages us to take a closer look at our soul s well being.


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