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Abalone Shell - Large - Stort


Abalone Shell - Large 6 - 7 inch (12.5 - 15 cm) at widest point


Incense Accessories - Abalone shell (Haliotis Midae)

For incense burning, like white sage clusters and smudges. A very beautiful shell!

The Abalone Ahell is a traditional vessel in which Native American herbs and smudges can be burnt. The shell is great for leaning burning sticks in while they are burning and also with the addition of sand or earth can be then used to help extinguish them afterwards. Also loose herbs or the broken ends of smudge sticks can be placed in the shell for burning, again with or without sand or earth.

(Please do not leave burning smudge sticks unattended. If in doubt, just place the stick, that you think has gone out, outside where you can retrieve it later).

Size: Size of abalone can vary between 3 inches (7.5 cm) and much larger ones at 6 inches at the widest point. The sizes available can vary depending upon what size abalone shells are available to buy.

Sustainability: We receive our abalone shells from South Africa & Mexico where they are farmed. They are not caught from the wild. So the supply is sustainable and does not destroy any natural habitat or wild abalones. The meat is popular in Japan and is exported there. Then the shells are sold for various uses including to us.


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