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Alv Belaine of the Hawthorn Trees 34cm


Alv Belaine of the Hawthorn Trees 34cm


World of Fairies

Fairies are beings that are supposed to remind us of a world we all once lived in. A world, where we lived connected with our Mother Earth, fully aware of her love for us. At that time everyone had the ability to see the soul of trees, rivers and essentialities and where interrelated with the fairies and other natural beings. Now they are trying to take us with them and show us how we can perceive them and their delicate vibrations. When they are standing in our rooms and gardens, it is possible that their energies will come back to us and we can begin to recognize...
All of these fairies are made of poly resin, so they can also beautify
your garden.


Just now my life became too real.



Belaine Of The Hawthorn

One still autumn morn,
Whilst sat beneath an old Hawthorn,
I pondered that, which had no answer,
For the choices made throughout my life,
Have caused me naught, but strife…strife.

I thought some more and changed my mind,
As life to me had been quite kind,
Yet still the void and endless doubt,
Voices screaming, clawing out.
Then far within or was it just without?
A voice so calm, to remove all doubt,

“Faeries you cannot decide to see,
T’s they that reveal themselves to thee".

Looking up through branches twisted,
I saw a faerie and she was speaking.
Sitting on the nearest bough,
Her legs were crossed and hair unfurled,
Smiling down, once more she spoke,
In tongues of purest woodland folk.

“Why ponder thus on choices made,
When choices are but light and shade,
You think you thought, but that’s pure folly,
Beliefs choose you, why seem so sorry?
That, to which you would aspire,
Is preordained for you to acquire."

“The answer always lies within,
A reflection of self is in everything,
It’s not so much of where you seek,
More how you choose and when to peek".

I’ve said enough for you to see,
That realities dream is within this tree,
And dreamer’s realities reside in thee."

With that said, Belaine was gone,
As leaves they rustled to Robins’ song.
Alone again with mind hushed still,
A faeries voice in my heart beats still.
To see, to touch and really feel,


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