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Alv Ellena of the Elder Trees ca 14cm


Alv Ellena of the Elder Trees ca 14cm uten vingene

World of Fairies

Fairies are beings that are supposed to remind us of a world we all once lived in. A world, where we lived connected with our Mother Earth, fully aware of her love for us. At that time everyone had the ability to see the soul of trees, rivers and essentialities and where interrelated with the fairies and other natural beings. Now they are trying to take us with them and show us how we can perceive them and their delicate vibrations. When they are standing in our rooms and gardens, it is possible that their energies will come back to us and we can begin to recognize...
All of these fairies are made of poly resin, so they can also beautify
your garden.


Ellena Of The Elder Trees

The mask of mankind, his fate, his ease,
Lies deep within the heart of trees.
Old, so old, and wise as all,
Contorted with age, fired and hollowed.

Yet her spirit and yearning,
To give forth again,
To annually seek both pleasure and pain,
Is the desire of one they call “Ellen".
She who is Fay and known of old,
A solitary spirit of Elder so told.
Feared in the past and cast as a witch,
Yet with wine, music and fruit she gives.

Homage be paid to this mystic soul,
If luck you would have and your body be whole.
For versed in the art of healing is she,
To nurture the spirit and bodies fatigue.

Her beauty is subtle, for she grows as no other,
Her love is intense as is a mother’s.
Her wrath is likened to a woman scorned,
Yet don’t be a feared of this faerie at all.
For as you give, so you receive,
Be grateful for all that nature reveals.

Faerie’s who dwell in Elder trees,
Really do love humans you see!



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