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Anheng Kalsitt Blå m/anhengfeste


Anheng Kalsitt Blå m/anhengfeste

Hängsmycke , ljuvligt ljusblå trumlad kalcit med silverfäste.

Blå kalcit trumlat litet

Stenen är ljust blå med svep av ljusare vita partier. Lite som en vacker himmel med lätta fluffiga moln. Nästan lite runt droppformade är stenarna, då detta är en naturvara så kommer de i lite olika former och nyanser. Blå kalcit sägs vara en lugnande sten som hjälper dig att kommunicera och kyla ner hetsiga tankar!


Stenen: ca 30 x 16 mm

NB! bildet er eksempel, anhengene vil variere litt i størrelse, farger og mønster


kalsitt, blå
kanaliseringssten, øker psykiske evner, hjelper ved astralreiser, virker kjølende og forløsende, oppløser smerte, roende og stabiliserende, hjelper mot eksem, astma, bra for hyperaktive barn

chakra: hals

Tumbled Blue Calcite — These Blue Calcite Tumbled Stones are round and finished with a nice polish.  Calcite is such a soft stone that this Blue Calcite has to be hand-polished to create the "tumbled" stone.  The shape and size of these Blue Calcite Tumbled Stones make them perfect for carrying in the purse or pocket, and they are a great addition to one's medicine bag.  In body layouts, these Blue Calcite Tumbled Stones can be placed directly on the Throat and Third-Eye Chakras for best effects.

Calming Blue Calcite soothes frayed nerves and lessens anxieties.  A good stone to use when recuperating, Blue Calcite facilitates physical healing by clearing negative emotions and encouraging rest and relaxation.  Working with the Third-Eye Chakra, Blue Calcite can enhance or activate the intuition and inner sight.

Use Blue Calcite with the Throat Chakra to facilitate calm communication.  Blue Calcite amplifies communication energy, allowing clear communication, especially among differing or opposing points of view.  Meditating with Blue Calcite can promote an optimistic point of view by helping one to see the perfection of the Universe.

The simplest forms of Calcite are pure white, but the presence of other compounds during formation can create beautiful colored Calcite.  Calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser.  The purifying energy of Calcite cleans out stored negative energy from a room, the body, etc.  Use Calcite to clear out old energy patterns and to increase personal motivation and drive.  Calcite is also a good choice for distance healing work, because it amplifies the energy being sent.   Calcite is also known as the "stone of the mind." Calcite heightens mental discernment and analysis, increases memory and learning abilities.  Calcite is THE stone for students and academics, and can be indispensable at helping students to retain their lessons.  Calcite is also useful during times of mental adjustments and disagreements.  Calcite can show you a new way to look at a situation, easing you away from old, outdated thought patterns that may be in the way of new ideas.

Physically, Calcite has been associated with the bones and joints, and balances the amount of calcium in the body.  Calcite can also help to improve the body's absorption of important vitamins and minerals.


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