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Anheng Pentagram med Livets Tre Sterling Silver


Anheng Pentagram med Livets Tre Sterling Silver

Mickie Mueller Tree of Life The Star (Sterling Silver)

This sterling silver Tree of Life reaches high and low, connecting with its roots to bind the The Star, symbolizing the connection between earth, life, and spirit.


Peter Stone Jewellery - High quality jewellery manufacturer 
The Peter Stone Company purchases raw silver and produces their own true .925 sterling silver alloy in their own factory. All rings are cast to size and craftsmen cut and inlay each stone for a perfect fit. Every piece of jewellery created is hand polished not tumble polished, which leads to a high quality finish that is noticeably different.

Peter Koslowski had been working on merchant ships since 1983 while living in Sri Lanka and was fortunate to be exposed to an abundance of precious stones and he began to purchase and trade them, as well as silver. During this period he also studied gemology and jewellery making in a number of countries. This then lead to the founding of the Peter Stone Company in 1992 in Bangkok, Thailand, where he still resides.


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