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Aromalampe - Aromaburner 10x10x17


Aromalampe - Aromaburner 10x10x17

Nydelig aromalampe, fyll litt vann skålen, tilsett noen dråper eteriske olje, tenn på te-lyset, og nyt den deilige duften som fyller rommet. Du kan velge oppkvikkende oljer, avslappende oljer, beroligende, sensuelle, forfriskende, meditative oljer m.fl.

Meet Green Tree's new deluxe aroma burners. They are made of stylish light-colored wood and are finished with a modern touch. This eye catcher is a classy accessory for those who like a simplistic design. It’s a classic diffuser that works through a tea light. She is easy to clean and fulfills the role of a mood setter.

The waxine holder and the aroma bowl are made of white ceramic.


The aroma burner consists of two floors: the bottom layer is provided with a candle holder, the layer above contains a bowl for the aroma. Add a few drops of essential oil to your preference (+/- 5) to about 10 teaspoons of water.



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