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Buddhafigur med plass for telys elfenbenfarge


Buddhafigur med plass for telys elfenbenfarge

Ceramic Buddha with place for tea light, ivory

Ceramic buddha - ivory
Anmutiger Buddha, who reminds us with his dignified charisma to go through life with attentiveness and calm serenity. In their hands they hold a bowl for small offerings or for a tea light. So you can honour him daily and make him glow.

with tea light holder H: 37 cm



Kinds of Buddhas

»Buddha« is no last name, as one might be inclined to think, It is a honorary title, which only is awarded to those, who achieved salvation through the own awareness. The man, who is usually described by this titel, is a historical person. He lived possibly between the 6th and 5th centuries BC. in Northern India and he was called Siddhartha Gautama, before his enlightment. The doctrine, revealed by him (Dharma), has been further developed during the centuries. This doctrine and the monastic order, founded by himself are still alive. Thanks to the brisk activity of the Tibetan Lamas in recent years, the Dhama is gaining influence in the West.
Before Gautama, there are many Buddhas, who are said to have lived and revealed the Dharma. They are called prehistorical Buddhas. Besides, there are also future-­Buddhas. They are not born yet, but are expected to arise in the coming epochs. The Buddha, we are waiting for in this era is called Maitreya.
Another group of Buddhas are the transcendent Buddhas. They are not born on Earth, in contrast to the latter. They are relieved from natural law, timeless and always present. They are also called Dhyani-Buddhas, because they can become visible during meditation (Dhyana). Some of the transcendent Buddhas are: Akshobhya, Ratnasam­bhava, Amitabha, Amogha­siddhi and Vairochana.
We offer different kinds of Buddha-statues. We specified some of them more exactly.






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