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Chakra Spray - chakra 6 Ajna - Third Eye Chakra


Chakra Spray - chakra 6 Ajna - Third Eye Chakra

Fiore d'Oriente

Spray with scented chakra water that balances the sixth chakra - Ajna.
This water can be used on your forearms and/or wrists several times a day. 

Packaging: Glass bottle in cardboard box.
Made in: Italy.

Product specifications
Chakra Waters are made of the same vibrational mixtures that are prepared after the ancient principles of natural holistic medicine.
Diluted with alcohol, makes them very deep and etheric.
100% natural ingredients
Content: 50 ml, vol. alcohol 30°.


Ajna – 6. Chakra (third eye / brow chakra).
Ajna stands for intuition, wisdom, identity. The union of opposites.


Andre sprayer i samme serie som også kan bestilles  enkeltvis:

Muladhara – 1. Chakra (Root Chakra).
Muladhara stands for Foundation, Security and Habit. 

Swadisthana – 2. Chakra (Sexual / Sacral Chakra).
Swadhisthana stands for Feeling, Desire, Creation. 

Manipura – 3. Chakra (Navel Chakra).
Manipura represents energy and willpower, with the feeling of control and coordination.

Anahata – 4. Chakra (Heart Chakra).
Anahata represents love and awakening. Anahata embodies the opening of feelings and compassion, and pure ability to love.

Vishudda – 5. Chakra (Throat Chakra).
Vishudda is the introduction to the wonder and mystical, since it is dominated by the ether element. Its motto: "Speak and create".

Sahasrara – 7. Chakra (Crown Chakra).
Sahasrara represents transcendence and is also called the "Tenth Gate".


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