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Duftlys Livets Blomst - Rapeseed wax scented candle Flower of li


Duftlys Livets Blomst - Rapeseed wax scented candle Flower of life

Scented candle, 100% vegetable ecological rapeseed wax in recycled glass. Handmade in Belgium, with paraben-free fragrance oils. Biodegradable and therefore harmless to people and the environment.

Product specifications
Fragrance: Lemongrass, Frankincense, Mint.
Burning time ± 25 hours.
Non-GMO rapeseed from Germany.
Recycled square glass.
Packaging: Comes in a cardboard box.

Rapeseed wax
Rapeseed wax is made from rapeseed oil, contains no toxic ingredients and is not harmful to the environment. Quite on the contrary, rapeseed helps and protects the soil for future crops whilst the plant produces oil and animal feed. Also, the wax is non-hazardous to humans and wildlife and has a smaller carbon footprint than for example soy wax, as it is grown, and processed in Europe.

Place out of reach of children and pets.
Don't place in a drafty spot.
Do not leave a burning canlde unattended.
Place on a heat resistant surface.
When the wax is fully melted, carefully move the candle only if needed, as the wick can easy move to the side of the glass.


Product specifications

Material Wax

Material Glass

Size cm 6x6x6


I mange tradisjoner i vår verden, er det å tenne et stearinlys en hellig handling, noe som betyr mer enn ord kan si;

Det handler om takknemlighet. Fra tidenes morgen har mennesker tent lys på hellige steder. Kanskje du ønsker å starte eller avslutte dagen med dette enkle ritualet - bare tenne et stearinlys. Eller det kan være at du vil tenne et lys for en venn ... Det viktigste er at du vil gjøre dette sakte og med din fulle oppmerksomhet og intensjon.


In many traditions in our world, lighting a candle implies a sacred act, which means more than words can say; it is all about gratefulness. From time immemorial, man has been lighting candles in sacred places. Perhaps you would like to start or end your day with this simple ritual - just lighting a candle. Or it may be that you want to burn a candle for a friend... Most important is that you will do this slowly and with your full attention.

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