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Egyptian Tarot - Tarotkort


Egyptian Tarot - Tarotkort

Pack information: 78 cards with 14 page mini booklet 
Card dimensions: 120 x 66 mm
Authors: Silvana Alasia 
Minor Arcana cards individually illustrated? Not really, although some different symbols are used

They say: Holding the power over the mysteries of ancient Egypt.

We say: This deck by Italian artist Silvana Alasia was first published in 1996. Her original paintings were first painted onto parchment. Much of the designs (especially the major arcana) have been based upon the designs of M.O.Wegener. Wegener had attempted to use designs that truly mimicked Egyptian art and combine this with the ideas of Paul Christian who in his research told of an authentic manuscript passed on by a Benedictine Monk. But there has been some doubt thrown onto some of the stories he told.

There is no conclusive evidence of the origins of the Tarot although many believe it to originate from Egypt. There is no direct lineage from this deck (or any other Egyptian deck) back to Egypt although many of the symbols etc. are authentic. I would say this isn't a deck for beginners unless you are very into Egyptian mythology. After having done a fair bit of reading about this deck these are my conclusions:

Much of the imagery used is authentically Egyptian, but it should be considered a themed deck such as the Celtic Tarot or Witches Tarot. It is one of the more respected Egyptian Tarot decks although many of them share much of their imagery with each other as much of the research comes from the same sources.


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