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Engleanheng - Angelwing necklace, silver

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  • Engleanheng - Angelwing necklace, silver
Esoteric jewlery
Angel's wing necklace
A delicate angel's wing dangles from the angel ball. So we feel carried and connected with the angelic world and listen to their heavenly sounds.
Chain: 65 cm Pendant: 61 mm 
Copper, silver plated


Enchanting little angels 'necklaces Every step of the way, the little angels' dome sounds a fine, silvery sound and reminds us that we are protected and never alone. The magic of fine heavenly beings is always under our touch, touching and accompanying.


All of the colliers are made of copper, silver plated and are supplied with chain. The chain is 65 cm long and can be adjusted variably.Each is delivered in a nice box.