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Fairy Mist - duftlys - Glass Votive Candle 55 Grams


Fairy Mist - duftlys - Glass Votive Candle 55 Grams

4 Green Tree votive candle Fairy Mist 55 gram

When you link an emotion or smell to an event, this memory immortalizes in your memory. The more senses you stimulate, the stronger the experience. Whether it is a tasty meal or entering a room: smell contributes to the atmosphere that you experience consciously and unconsciously.
With the delicious scented candles from Green Tree you enrich the experience of your home, shop, studio, showroom or wherever. Take your guests or visitors along in your aura of divine aromas.

Fairy Mist

Fairy mist makes your house smell as if you were visited by a world of magic that has left fairy dust behind. It can be described as fresh mysterious and tunes positive.

Green Tree symbolizes precious valued natural products that can only be discovered during world trips across different continents and trough all kinds of cultures and unknown corners. She brings back a suitcase full of treasures, in which you find Fairy Mist among other scented valuables.


You will receive a box with 4 votive candles of 55 grams in glass vases, in which you can ignite them immediately. Votive candles are donated for the purpose of a promise. So it is a kind of gratitude. This of course has a lid you can easily close it again, so no dust falls in.

Burn Time 10-12 hours
Brand Green Tree
Packaging Per Piece
Smell Fresh
Measurements H6 x D 5


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