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Fjær Kalkun Dot- med lær og krystall 30cm


Fjær Kalkun Dot- med lær og krystall 30cm

Smudge Turkey Feather with Leather Handle and Stone 30cm Dot

Complete your smuging ceremony with a smudge feather. This beautiful turkey feather will help you spread the smoke from your smudge stick evenly. This way you can clean the entire space from negative energy. The performance of smudging ceremonies is thousands of years old. It was probably the Indians who made the practice most famous.


Smudging; meaning and origin

Native Americans (Indians) regularly performed smudging ceremonies. By burning herbs such as white sage, they banish evil spirits from their environment. The story was that evil spirits could not tolerate the smell of sage. In addition, Indians also cleaned themselves by means of smudging.

During their rituals, the Indians attached great importance to symbolism: a feather, for example, stood close to their great creator. So they used a feather to disperse the smoke from the herbs. They liked to burn the sage in a shell, which symbolized the element of water. The herbs themselves are a symbol for the element of earth, the combustion for the element of fire and the smoke for the element of air.


Smudge feather; how do you use it?

You use the smudge feather to spread the smoke from the herbs throughout the room. It is also a symbol of nature and the "creator". With a spring you can spread the smoke more easily and more precisely than with your hands. For example, use the feather to direct the smoke towards your altar or dream catcher.


Smudge feather; tips

The turkey was an important symbol for Indians: the bird represents the wilderness of Mother Earth. We will never control this wilderness. This large turkey feather is partly dotted and has a leather end. It is simply decorated with a blue dot.


By using a shell as a bowl for the herbs, you bring the four elements together. The shell represents the element of water, the herbs for earth, combustion for fire, and the smoke for the element of air.  De kan bestille abalone skjell og fjær her: utstyr


Incense Accessories: Turkey Feathers

Can be used as a fan for the incense smoke, and to fan the fire in the incense.


  • Incense, white sage and charcoal
        > Charcoal briquettes and burners
  • Incense, white sage and charcoal
        > Incense holders and incense burners

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