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Holy Lama Naturals Ayurvedic Bath Oil Nishant


Holy Lama Naturals Ayurvedic Bath Oil Nishant

This revitalising bath essence contains essential oils of bergamot, lavender and ylang ylang. It will soften and nourish your skin, when taking a relaxing bath. 
Free of sulphates and parabens. Not tested on animals.


Natural - Sustainable - Fair Trade
Holy Lama's products are predominantly made from natural ingredients, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals or synthetics. Wherever possible, we use sustainable materials for packaging. During manufacturing, less than 1% wastage is produced, and all waste is used as fuel or cattle feed, thus our carbon footprint is exceptionally low!  
The raw materials used for manufacture are sourced primarily from local farmers in Kerala and other parts of India, building upon over seven decades of strong and well established relations with farmers. The business runs on a no-credit principle, meaning all farmers and raw material suppliers are paid immediately. The factory pays fair wages to staff, and fair prices to the farmers. 

Women's enterprise
Holy Lama Naturals is recognised in Kerala as a Government-approved women’s enterprise, where over 80% of the factory workers are women. Most come from disadvantaged backgrounds (i.e. widowed or deserted by a partner).

Ingredients (INCI)
Hydrogenated Castor oil
Bergamot oil
Lavender oil
Marjoram oil
Ylang ylang oil

Product specifications

Content ml100


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