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Holy Lama Naturals Body Cream


Holy Lama Naturals Body Cream

Holy Lama Naturals Body Cream is a rich nourishing cream. Use this daily to keep your body supple and moisturised. It has a lovely refreshing aroma which will make you feel like summer all year round. The hint of rose will last all day!
Our Ayurvedic face, hair and body care products are made from the finest quality ingredients in an ethical factory that employs disadvantaged women in the community in Kerala, South India. Kerala is the home of Ayurveda, essential oils and coconuts; naturally these are the main components in all our products! 

The packaging is eco friendly and sustainable
"Our attempt is not only to produce pure and natural products but also to have a manufacturing process which emits minimal carbon and produces very little waste. Not only are the ingredients all natural but we have tried to make the packaging using nature’s treasures, like coconut leaf and areca palm leaf."

Women enterprise  
The manufacturing unit was set up as an all women enterprise, which supported and empowered the disadvantaged women in the community. Our business acts as a family to the women who have been widowed or deserted by their partners, etc. We support the mission of “Kudumbashree”, a women oriented, community based, state poverty eradication mission of the government of Kerala.


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