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Hvit Salvie Røkelsespinner - White sage incense sticks


Hvit Salvie Røkelsespinner - White sage incense sticks

White sage is one of the holiest plants for Native Americans. It purifies the atmosphere, attracts positive energies and clears our consciousness. Through these wonderful properties, the plant creates a very pure and almost sacred atmosphere when smoked, in which we can find our way back to our origins - freed from the burden of the past and foreign energies. This makes him the ideal helper for meditations, rituals and energetic cleansing, e.g. after arguments, moves, stress situations, illness, etc...

The white sage as a great cleansing and protective plant brings light into our environment and into our hearts. White sage is now also available as incense sticks.During the development, it was very important to us to produce this incense stick with a high proportion of white sage and 100% natural. Only in this way can the wonderful effect really unfold. 

With this incense stick it is now easy for anyone to explore the high-energy applications of white sage.


10 gr  (ca 15-20 sticks)


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