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Hvit Salvie & Yerba - White sage/Yerba Santa Mini herb bundles


Hvit Salvie & Yerba - White sage/Yerba Santa Mini herb bundles

White Sage & Yerba Santa
White Sage is considered an intensive cleansing plant. Yerba Santa means holy herb ". Its friendly and loving energy transforms disharmonic forces. It is considered a bringer of light that brightens the atmosphere and attracts peace. An ideal combination for cleansing the house and aura. 

Bundles of Herbs - Smudges
The incense that has been used since ancient times is as close to nature as the Indian culture of North America has remained until today. Since the plants are almost always used as they are picked, they preserve their grown strength and can help to regain the connection of people to the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.
Especially in the deserts in the western USA and the Rocky Mountains there is a variety of different plants. The smoke of the holy herbs was used early on by the Native Americans of North and South America to purify the air.


Yerba Santa is Spanish for ‘holy herb’, so named by missionary priests who were amazed by its healing powers. This 100% natural smudge not only creates an uplifting scent but it is also ideal to protect and purify both yourself and your environment. It is traditionally used as a smudge or incense to neutralize harmful energies and support healing ceremonies. Yerba Santa is considered sacred by Native American and Spanish cultures. 


Application: Simply light the top of the wand, fanning air and let it smoulder. Move the rod with the smoke rising from top to bottom along the auric body or walk counter-clockwise across the room you want to cleanse. Then ventilate well. 



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  • Dimensions  75-90 g; 23x5 cm

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