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Kobberarmbånd - Elegance - Copper Bangle


Kobberarmbånd - Elegance - Copper Bangle

Kobberarmbånd med 2 magneter á 1000 Gauss.

diameter på ca. 14 cm. Siden armbåndet er åpent, kan det justeres nøye til alle leddledd. Bredden på kobberarmbåndet er ca. 10 mm. To magneter er integrert i armbåndet.

Magnetic Copper Bangle For Youthful Appearance and Protection from Negative Energies

Magnets are has been around for thousands of years for balancing the physical energies. In ancient Egypt the effects of magnets well known – it is said that Cleopatra would explore new york city has always been a magnet on the forehead bound notebook – in order to get your youthful appearance.

Today, the effects of magnetic fields and their influence on physical well-being is ever known. Our Mother Earth surrounds us Beschützend due to their natural magnetic field. This constant magnetic field is suitable for all living things are essential. It Energising and stabilises the Biomagnetische Aura, our human body constantly surrounds. Thanks to the increased Electro Smog with phones, electricity, microwave etc The magnet man's always more negative of the aquarium. So why not with small easy tools Our magnetic field protect, regenerate and strengthen?


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Copper Bracelets


Copper and Brass Bracelets

Among the metals, copper is special. It comes closest to gold with its alchemical characteristics and its healing effects.

Only a few decades ago the healing properties of copper were used for growing plants by placing a copper coin overnight into the watering can. (Nowadays this method works less effectively, since the percentage of copper in coins has been lowered due to financial reasons.) Overnight, the properties of copper were transferred into the water and this had a strengthening effect on the plants. Likewise, it is still custom in certain countries to keep drinking water overnight in a copper vessel.


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