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Krystall Sett Suksess - Crystal Grid-Succsess - Reiki Spiral


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Krystall Sett Suksess - Crystal Grid-Succsess - Reiki Spiral

Crystal Grid Kit for Success

Crystal grids are created to amplify different universal energies using a combination of sacred geometry, crystal magick and personal intention. They involve the intentional placement of crystals in pleasing patterns and harmonious arrangements and can then be personally activated as part of of a larger ritual or mediation practice etc.

This Crystal Grid is made of an engraved wooden base 15cm in diameter, featuring an engraved reiki spiral and garnet, mookaite, tiger Eye, smokey quartz & aventurine crystals for Success energies

Size: 150mm x 150mm

KIT INCLUDES ~ Wooden grid board, Crystals and calico pouch, along with leaflet instructions

Crystals included ~ 

GARNET ~ Passion, fertility, balancing energy with vitality and love ~ Root/Sacral Chakra

MOOKAITE ~ Spiritual growth, all healing, protective, grounding energy, life force ~ Sacral/Solar Plexus Chakra

CLER QUARTZ ~ Amplifies all crystals in the kingdom, with pure white light Universal light and harmony with healing for body equilibrium ~ Crown Chakra

TIGERS EYE ~ Strength, courage, inner balance, protection and good luck with success ~ Solar Plexus Chakra

SMOKY QUARTZ ~ grounding, paranormal protection, stress and panic relieving ~ Root Chakra

GREEN AVENTURINE ~ earth connectness, natural healer, love and nurturing, good luck ~ Heart Chakra

This gorgeous design offers healing energy with Spiral of Life symbolism and interconnectness

Grids are sacred geometry patterns that connect with crystal vibrations and Universal energy

They are used by placing your cleansed crystals on them in a layout of your desired choice

To make a grid design follow your intuition and manifest your intentions:

~ Your centre crystal is the main energy intent and focus for the others chosen

~ Your surrounding crystals will compliment the energies of the centre piece

~ The layout may be inspired by the sacred geometry of your grid pattern, nature or your own personal choice and intuition

~ The crystals you choose will be amplified by the geometric grid pattern and generator/wand used

~ Activate your layout using a crystal wand, laser wand or generator so your stones are linked

~ Speak you intentions out loud to your grid and crystals and get those energies amplifying!

~ Use for love, protection, health, prosperity, protection, harmony, healing or balance

~ A generator is great to keep as the centre piece as they keep charging the surrounding crystals like a battery

Always cleanse, charge and programme your crystals with the highest good and protective light

( May not be exact stones pictured, but almost identical)

Gemstones Grids (Crystal Grids) er grupper av steiner som er blitt samlet i ett mønster/grid med en hensikt. Vanligvis brukes de i helbredelser for bedre helse.

Disse settene av krystaller og steiner brukes til magiske eller åndelige helbredende formål eller med Reiki.


You may have crystal grids in almost every room of your home, your office etc; each intended for a different purpose or goal. Whatever your goal may be, you can create a powerful combination of crystals into a grid, to hold your intention and manifest it.





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