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Krystallhjerte stort - Jaspis Bilde 45x38x25mm i eske


Krystallhjerte stort - Jaspis Bilde 45x38x25mm i eske

Jaspis Landscape

NB! Bildet viser et utvalg, farger og mønstre kan variere.

jaspis, bilde

visualiseringssten, lar det se ”the big picture”, hjelper med å forstå og forløse negative mønstre, sies å ha skjulte bilder eller beskjeder fra din fortid i strukturen, fremmer utvikling av forretningsforetak


chakra: tredje øye



What is Landscape Jasper?

Picture Jasper, a remarkable form of Brown Jasper, is characterized by masterful “scenes” and landscape patterns formed by Nature, and is believed to contain hidden messages from the past. ... It is perhaps more closely connected to the planet than any other Jasper and is known today as the Stone of Global Awareness.

Picture Jasper is a stone of visualization, allowing the weilder to see the "big picture". It promotes global awareness and an understanding of how humans and nature can work together. It stimulates insight and works on the third-eye chakra, enhancing creative visualization. It can also help us to understand and release our own negative patterns so that we can harmonize with our selves and our surroundings.

Picture jasper is a petrified or silicated mud that dripped into gas pockets in molten lava. It became superheated and then solidified forming the unusual banded patterns which are typical of this stone.


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