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Kuan Yin Incense Assortment 6 Cans


Kuan Yin Incense Assortment 6 Cans

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Quan Yin - Assortment
Quan Yin is the goddess of compassion, mercy, and healing. These special incense blends shall be our small contribution to the blessing energies of Quan Yin on Earth and help to bring her high energies into our life on earth.

1. Yang Incense - helpful to annihilate obstacles, and to free places of stagnant energies
2. Yin Incense - for peace and silence in our hearts
3. Diamond Lotus Incense - The lotus as symbol of transformation and enlightenment holds the indestructible essence of being
4. Nectar of Compassion Incense - Quan Yins illuminating nectar nourishes the essence of healing.
5. Dragon Gate Incense - Opens the gate to the powers of creation and illumination.
6. Cheerful Calmness Incense - Calmness is the anchor in the surging ocean of life.

total net weight: ca. 15 grams

 WARNING - This product has german lables only.


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