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Labradoritt Pyramide 40x40mm


Labradoritt Pyramide 40x40mm

Pyramids of Labradorite.

These beautiful labradorite pyramids have a fascinating effect of iridescence very typical of this stone, an effect also known as labradorescency.

Pyramids are like catalysts of cosmic energy, they are very used in natural therapies, channeling energies, to harmonize the environment and to help the chakras.

In Reiki you can use a pyramid in the middle of the Reiki grid for each level.

  • Base 4 cm x 4 cm, with an approximate weight of 75 gr.

Labradorite is a carrier of light, it has the property of illuminating the consciousness and raising the spirit. It favors intuition and attracts inspiration. In addition, it dispels negative energies, reinforces friendship and love.



fremmer intuisjon, magiske og psykiske evner, stimulerer fantasien og evnen til å se gjennom illusjoner, tiltrekker lykketreff og synkronisiteter, beskytter og renser auraen din, forhindrer energilekasjer

Chakra: tredje øye og krone

More About Labradorite
Labradorite has a slight iridescence on the surface, which occasionally flames in patches of peacock blue and light copper. This luminescence reminds us of distant worlds and galaxies, and so links us to the stars and reminds us that everything that happens in life has a reason. Labradorite helps give form to our intuition, so can be useful to writers and teachers who are expressing ideas in verbal form. It helps us to enjoy the good times, because nothing lasts forever, and to take hope when times are hard, because it is only a matter of time before things take a turn for the better again.


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