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lepidolitt -lepidolite AA-kvalitet store


lepidolitt -lepidolite AA-kvalitet store

fredssten, fremmer selvstendighet i å sette og nå egne mål, beskytter mot andres påvirkning, fjerner negativitet, tiltrekker god lykke, styrker intuisjon, reduserer stress, fremmer god søvn

chakra: herte og tredje øye


Trumlad lepidolit med vacker rosalila färg. Varje sten är ca 20-30 mm stor.

  • Tänk på: alla stenar är naturprodukter och kan skifta väldigt mycket i färg och form.

Tumbled Lepidolite - The Lepidolite Crystals have some translucency and have a special vibration. Lepidolite is made up of Mica and Lithium. Lepidolite is literally crystallized Lithium, the same mineral used in antidepressant medication, but in its pure form as it comes out of the earth.

Known as "the stone of transition", Lepidolite helps shift and restructure old energy patterns and brings light and hope to a situation. Lepidolite works with all of the chakras, especially the Heart, Third-Eye, and Crown Chakras. Lepidolite crystals can help you open up to receiving higher vibrations from the higher realms into the subconscious, transferring these vibrations into the conscious through the Third-Eye Chakra, and integrating them into the center of truth via the Heart Chakra. Use Lepidolite for metaphysical work with the Heart and Crown Chakras, and to reduce stress associated with change.  

Use this tumbled Lepidolite to reduce stress associated with change. Lepidolite is known to alleviate depression, bringing serenity from the knowledge that the Universe will always provide. The calming nature of Lepidolite can help one to enter a deep meditative state.  Lepidolite is helpful for releasing emotional and energetic blockages, and is said to help those with ADD, OCD, or Bipolar Disorder. Carry Lepidolite with you when you need to balance your emotions with your intellect. Lepidolite can help you relax and is good for Libras.


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