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Livets Blomst Selenitt Orgonite pyramide - Orgone Pyramid Seleni


Livets Blomst Selenitt Orgonite pyramide - Orgone Pyramid Selenite Flower of Life

Selenite inside this Orgonite pyramid amplifies the already strong negativity blocking abilities of selenite making this pyramid great to protect public spaces.

Orgonite Selenite Flower of Life Pyramid

This elegant Orgone pyramid is made with powerful selenite chips and a metal flower of life. Orgone works continuously to clear its surroundings of negativity and harmful environmental elements with the addition of Selenite, which is also a powerful cleansing stone, this tool can help protect even the largest of public spaces.

Hand made, please expect slight variations. This Orgonite pyramid measures 2 inches high, 2 1/2 inches wide.


Orgone means life energy (Chi, Prana or Ether.) It’s a mixture of crystals, resin and metal. It often has Herkimer crystal that helps purifying electromagnetic radiation. It cleanses and balances energy and harmonizes the Chi in and around us. Additionally, orgone transforms negative energies into positive energy and is effective against negative earth rays, spin inversion and electrosmog. The orgone pyramid is specially made to balance energy fields in your living or working space. 
The pyramid can also be put in the pocket of your pants or under a pillow. In order to activate the orgone pyramid to your aura, hold it in your hands for at least 20 seconds.  

Material: glass, resin, gemstone, metals
  • Dimensions 7.5x7.5x6 cm

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  • Minerals and Gemstones


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