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Magnetarmbånd - Copper Magnetic Bracelet - Pure


Magnetarmbånd - Copper Magnetic Bracelet - Pure

Copper Magnetic Bracelet Pure
The power of copper harmonizes additionally. It has a relaxing effect on stricken nerves and cleanses the chakras (energy centres). Blockades can be released and our energy comes to flow.
Connect the beautiful with the useful. Our enchanting, modern bracelets have magnets incorporated so that they are not only a chic accessory, but at the same time a blessing for your well-being due to the biomagnetic effect they produce.
Magnetic disturbances and stress in everyday life can cause our own biomagnetic field to become imbalanced. Wearing magnets supports our personal biomagnetic field and brings the unity of body, soul and spirit into balance. We feel calm and strengthened.
ø 6,5 cm, W: 5 mm


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