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Mandala Talisman pendant Zambala - Increasing Wealth


Mandala Talisman pendant Zambala - Increasing Wealth

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This talisman mandala "Increasing Wealth" will help to create and protect wealth, that is, if the motivation is pure.

The talisman as a protection is an ancient tradition in all religions and philosophical movements. This traditional Buddhist mandala talisman, prepaired and blessed by Tibetan lamas, increases positive energies and helps to remove obstacles and interferences. Inside the mandala talisman is a hand printed paper with the mantras of Zambala. Repeating the following mantra may increase the power of this mandala: Om Zambala Dzalendaye Soham
The talisman may be carried around the neck, kept in a pocket or purse, placed in the home or hung in the car. It should always be kept in a clean and dry place.

These pendants are delivered in an assortment of colours (yellow, blue, red).

Properties Product 

  • Dimensions2,5x2,5 cm


  • Spirituality
        > Buddhism: Pendants for Protection


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