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Mantras from Tibet - Om Tara - Sarva-Antah


Mantras from Tibet - Om Tara - Sarva-Antah

Om Tara Tutare Ture Soha

A mantra is a mystical syllable or phrase for ritualsand meditation.
Mantra have a deep affinity with particular deities or spiritual forces that they represent;
by chanting them, one is enabled to establish a link with such forces.
The sacred syllable " Om " is the best known of " seed-sounds ". It has no semantic value but is regarded as efficacious.


1   Om Tara - Preparation (Sung 54 Times) 22:38
2   Om Tara - Meditation (Sung 108 Times) 36:39
3   Om Tara - Celebration (Sung 108 Times) 14:18


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