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Mat for Pendulum with Pentacle 30 x 18 cm


Mat for Pendulum with Pentacle 30 x 18 cm

Spådomsutstyr - Pendulering

A pendulum is a spiritual tool with which you can answer (life) questions: a small weight on a cord, made of natural minerals that reacts to life energy.
All over the world, pendulums have been used over the centuries for different purposes: by doctors to trace where in the body to find infections, to determine the gender of the baby, but also by miners to find where valuable minerals lie.

You can hang the pendulum above a pendulum mat, where you can put down gems, but also answers. Eastern Trading Agencies has several shuttle mats in its range of spiritual products.

Pentacle – pendulum mat

You hold the pendulum above a pendulum mat. On the mat you can put down gems, but also answers. Some mats, including this pentacle mat, are already printed with answer options, such as yesnotry againrephrasemaybewill not answer.

A shuttle provides answers to yes and no questions. He does this by responding to your subconscious. For example, the pendulum responds to the most minute nerve reactions in your fingers, which normally is ignored by your consciousness. You hold your pendulum between index finger and thumb and let it hang freely as quietly as possible. There should be more than 3-5 cm. to move freely. You formulate the question and first think of the answer 'yes', and then the answer 'no'. The pendulum must move consistently on the true answer.


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