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Merkaba lysholder - Oriental light Merkaba with chain


Merkaba lysholder - Oriental light Merkaba with chain

Oriental Lights

Enchanting oriental lights, which remind of mystical times from 1001 nights. In those distant times the paths were illuminated with candlelight in artistic lanterns and a wonderful, gently shimmering ambience was created. Even today we can create an atmospheric frame with flickering candlelight, which calms us down and leads us back to the essential things of life.
Our lanterns are all made of metal with structured real glass and tea light insert. You can hang them on a chain or simply put them up. Delivery without candle.

The internalization and life of unconditional love makes the heart chakra shine and illuminate the entire human energy field as a whole. In the perfect connection between spirit, soul and matter the Christ consciousness sinks into the physical body and the Merkaba (Mer=light, ka=spirit, ba=soul/body) shines in the consciousness of the realized human being. To meditate with a Merkaba, to immerse oneself in it, can lead us to deep inner truths. Antique iron with glass.
> Supplied with 60 cm hanging chain. Merkaba
H: 30 cm, B: 20 cm

The Merkaba
The Merkaba is composed of two tetrahedra which are pushed into each other and can be derived from the shape of the cube. The two tetrahedra represent the innermost law of the discernible world: the inseparable connection between the two complementary halves - the positive and the negative - which lie within each other, form a perfect equilibrium and sit as creative spirits to the right and left of the deity. In creation they operate as two opposing laws: the law of the spirit and the law of matter. Spirit is life, matter is resistance. The law of the mind is charisma, giving, selflessness. The law of matter is contraction, cooling, solidification.
There is only one living being that consciously embodies both laws: man. He forms the link between the spiritual and the material world.


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