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Messing pendel Karnak matt 50 mm - Karnakpendel Brass pendulumm


Messing pendel Karnak matt 50 mm - Karnakpendel Brass pendulumm matte

approx. 5 cm  14 gram

Karnak is another Egyptian pendulum, exact replica of a pendulum made of sandstone found in 1930 in one of the sarcophagus in Kings Valley of Egypt by French Radiethesist Antoine Bovis.

Karnak is widely used to detect any kind of metals, alloys and their analysis as well as in health balancing treatments. While not in use or hold without any mental request, Karnak radiates Negative Green vibration (especially to the North), that's why it should be stored dismantled (that's how it will be sent to you).

Karnak as a dowsing instrument is very good transmitter and receiver set of different radiesthetic colors, even on very long distance (in the sense of space as well as time). Its sensitivity to will and thoughts of its holder makes it a perfect tool for any kind of mental work.

Hold in vertical, resting position radiates:
Green - from South
Negative Green - from North
Red - from East
Violet - from West.

Karnak is excellent pendulum for dowsing for:

  • location of Black Streams and water as well as mineral deposits
  • medical diagnosis and treatments
  • veterinarian work and chromotherapy (color therapy).


Brass Pendulums

Radiesthesia is the art of measuring subtle energies. The main instruments used are the pendulum and dowsing rods. When doing radiesthetic work, the body of the person doing the measuring becomes part of the process. Therefore some training is recommended to achieve accurate results. Some people possess special abilities to perform radiesthetic measurements, but with some practice everyone can learn how to do it. Meanwhile, a wide range of literature is available for help. The most popular purpose of radiesthesia is tracking water resources and locating areas of harmful radiation. Radiesthesia is also applied in diagnostic medicine and for classification of food and medicine.


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