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Native American Tarot - Tarotkort


Native American Tarot - Tarotkort

Pack information: 78 cards & booklet
Card dimensions: 65 x 120 mms 
Author: Laura Tuan

They say: When the people of the prairie lost their prairies, when the people of the buffalo lost their buffalo - and with them all of the battles - the prophesy of the Kiowa tribe seemed final: The sacred circle of the history of the Native Americans was interrupted. On the snow of Wounded Knee not only were hundreds of warriors killed - an entire world along with its culture, rituals, and faith were defeated. And yet, many years after that night, increasing interest and respect for the Native American civilization leads to the thought that the wound inflicted on the circle at that time is now slowly healing and that Native American spirituality, on the other hand never assuaged, is back on track. 

Edward Goodbird, warrior of the Hidatsa tribe, writes: "Everything in the world is living, has its own spirit. The sky has a spirit, the clouds have a spirit, the sun and the moon have their own spirits. The same is true for animals, trees, grass, water, and stone. Everything. These spirits are our gods. If we pray to them or make offerings to them, they help us when we are in need." When the Algonquin turn to Manitou, the Sioux to Wakantanka, the Hidatsu to Gsupa, and the Iroquois to Orenda, they turn to the power of the marvelous and the exceptional present in man, in plants, in animals, or in the buzzing of insects in which the wise person recognizes the voices of the gods.

Composition 80 cards 66x120mm
Multilingual instructions Italian, English, French, Spanish, German


The symbolic language of native Americans is extremely profound, yet immediate. It is close to the rhythms of the sky, whose messages are heard and interpreted by the Shaman, the intermediary between the sky and the earth. The knowledge of the Tarot is joined here with the centuries-old wisdom of Native Americans.


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