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Nøkkelring - Fluoritt hjerte


Nøkkelring - Fluoritt hjerte

NB! Bildet viser et utvalg, farger og mønstre kan variere.


fluoritt, regnbue
healende, kreativitet- og meditasjonssten, hjelper til å absorbere nye ideer, bringer orden til kaos, styrker spirituelle evner, renser og stabiliserer auraen, øker konsentrasjon, fokus og seksuell libido

chakra: hjerte, hals, tredje øye og krone


Rainbow Fluorite, a multi-colored banded variety, with natural pyrite edges has many special powers attributed to it -- such as shape-shifting, changing base metals into gold, and increased telepathic abilities.


fluoritt, grønn
genisten, øker konsentrasjon, reduserer nervøsitet, hjelper i beslutningsprosesser, oppløser alle former for negativitet, skaper harmoni og følelsesmessig integrasjon, renser og tilfører energi i omgivelsene

chakra: hjerte


Fluorite varies in colour. Some pieces are mostly green, others with tinges of purple and clear areas. If you have a specific request for colours please let us know on the payment page under 'Anything else you have to tell us' and we will do our best to oblige.

Fluorite - Spiritual awareness 
Fluorite's clear energy helps us to ride the roller coaster of life while maintaining a clear spiritual awareness that there is, indeed, more to life than we can see with our eyes. It helps us to feel and know in confidence that there is a more spiritual nature to everything. Fluorite energy can help to open and keep open the channel to the spirit world. It can help stabilise chaotic situations because it helps us to realise that everything is developing, just as it is meant to, and that we are always in the most ideal place we could ever be in.

Because it can come in so many different colours that often mix together it has earned the name of the "most colourful mineral in the world".


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