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Organisk vaskemiddel for Silke&Ull - Laundry liquid silk & wool


Organisk vaskemiddel for Silke&Ull - Laundry liquid silk & wool wild rose

Plant-based organic silk & wool liquid laundry detergent with powerful saponin extracts to wash your clothes effectively and gently.

This product is specially formulated with soy protein to provide additional protection for delicate fibres. They are free of harmful chemicals and therefore also protect your health and our environment.

Packaging: Bottle of organic plastic (cane sugar), with info in English. German label also available.
Made in: Austria.

Product specifications
Particularly well suited for delicates and wool.
Fiber-deep cleaning, protects colours and ensures hygienic cleanliness.
Natural scent of rose petals thanks to pure essential oils.
One bottle is sufficient for 38 wash cycles containing light to normal soiled laundry.
The measurements refer to washing machines with a capacity of 4-5kg.
Certificates: Austrian Organic Guarantee, Original Dermatest.

15-30% non-ionic surfactants (soap nut extract *, soapwort extract *, camellia seed extract *), decyl glucoside **, ** xylose, guar gum *, * ethanol, citric **, soy protein isolates **, fragrances (Rose Oil *, p-anisic acid **), preservatives (potassium sorbate), citronellol ***, geraniol ***

* Organic 
** Natural
*** Part of pure essential oils

Product specifications

Content ml1550


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