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Osho - Garden of the Beloved


Osho - Garden of the Beloved

Osho - Music From The World Of Osho - Garden Of The Beloved
New Age/Meditative | Instrumenetal |
 New Earth Records 

Editorial Reviews

InGarden of the Beloved, gifted musicians from around the world integrate their musical traditions with the fresh breeze of Oshos vision. Pioneers in the New Age Music field joined with classically trained artists, rock and jazz instrumentalists, and musicians from diverse folk traditions to create a remarkable synthesis that stands in a category of its own. These CDs were inspired by Osho, a contemporary mystic whose talks, meditations, and vision of Zorba the Buddha embody a life affirming approach to living. These insights have acted as a catalyst for the creative energy which gave birth to MUSIC FROM THE WORLD OF OSHO, a true meeting of East and West with a touch of Zen and carnival.Musicians from around the world continue to gather and create a unique style of music at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India.

01. Doorway to the Heart (3:54)
02. Chopping Wood (3:52)
03. Seashore of Eternity (3:47)
04. Wings of Love (5:25)
05. Peacocks and Swans (3:29)
06. Spiritual Heart (5:52)
07. Fragrance (3:34)
08. Oracle in the Garden (3:50)
09. Lord of the Fullmoon (4:19)
10. Lake Mansarowar (2:13)
11. Unfolding Mystery (6:29)
12. The Manifesto (6:20)
13. The Diamond in the Lotus (4:03)
14. Garden of the Beloved (1:48)


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