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Parfymeolje Amber


Parfymeolje Amber

Song og India Natural Fragrance oil 

without alcohol


Handblown Artistic Glass Bottle


Rexpo (former nomenclature Mathur Perfumery Works) was founded in the year 1932, is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of natural herbal products - Oils, Fragrances, Soaps & Shampoos, moisturizing lotion and cream, candles, incense and other products with flavors from the ancient walled city of Delh, India. With a vision and entrepreneurial spirit, and watching customer satisfaction. The third generation of this family business now runs a large company has seen phenomenal growth in the recent past. 

Rexpo specializes in the production of natural and herbal products containing herbal extracts and pure essential oils based on aromatherapy techniques and traditional naturopathic principles. The range of their products include natural essential oils, aromatherapy oils, scented oil, massage oil, bath oil, Solid Perfume, herbal soap, herbal shampoo, Hair and Skin Conditioner, Moisturizing Lotion, Face packs, Herbal Henna powder and paste, scented candles, Natural Resins, Rock Fragrances (Myrrh, Frank - Incense and Amber), tea and spices, incense and Cones, sandalwood powder, Ayurvedic products, beeswax etc. In addition to our Oil has been developed accessories as very artistic Aroma oil burners in soft stone and ceramic materials & Incense / Cones holders in soft stone, copper and wood in various attractive designs and shapes. Besides this product, they have diversified their range to Crafts & Furniture. This includes textile furnishings and other fashion accessories making them serve their clients under one roof.

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