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Reiki Generator Ametyst


Reiki Generator Ametyst

Amethyst Reiki generator.

The generator is used as a reiki grid, usually for distance Reiki practices.

It consists of a pyramid and four points.

They are handmade pieces, so that the measures may vary. On average, the pyramids measure between 2 and 2.5 cm base and the points between 2.5 and 3.5 cm. In total, each piece measures about 8 cm x 8 cm x 2 cm, with an average weight of about 25 grams.

  • Center Pyramid Amplifies The Four Directions Of Energy Of Earth Through Its Apex
  • Draws Off Negative Energy And Blockages From Chakras
  • Because They Are Natural Stones Each Generator Is Diffrent & Unique, Great for Reiki Healing Grids

This generator is an apparatus that collects and channels the vital energy Chi disperses in the environment. This energy, Chi is also known as orgon energy, Reiki energy and Prana.

The generator is constantly capturing the energy of the universe and transmitting it to living beings.

It can be used for balancing chakras with minerals, Reiki in distance as a grill or simply as an environment harmonizer.

pyramid energy generators are wonderful gifts for home or office, they can be placed anywhere to create a strong healing vibration and clear the atmosphere of negative energies. They are made entirely of clear quartz crystal, making them the easiest crystal to program for positive selfless thoughts. Programming is easily done through meditation on the generator while envisioning your thoughts. These generators are serious power pieces that center the earth's energies and opens our minds to be used for projecting our thoughts and prayers.

visdomssten, løser opp sinne og uro, balanserer følelsene, fremmer kjærlighet og åndelighet, beskytter, blokkerer for geopatisk stress, hjelper mot hodepine, styrker visualisering 

chakra: tredje øye og krone

More About Amethyst
The wonderfully coloured amethyst, with its variety of shades of purple reminds us of the spiritual thread that runs through our life and can be used as a tool to aid spiritual awakening and intuition. Amethyst can bring a calming influence and therefore be of great help in times of change. It's excellent to hold or have by you when you're practicing meditation and when placed in a room it can help absorb negativity. Placed under the pillow it may help you sleep better.


NB! Krystallene er naturlig, bildene er for ilustrasjon, størrelse, fasong og møster varierer. 

Poser til dine krystaller finner du her : Krystall poser og utstyr 

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og bøker om krystaller finner du her: Krystallbøker



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