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Rituelt Beger Lite - Raven Pentacle - Goblet


Rituelt Beger Lite - Raven Pentacle - Goblet



The chalice has a molded sculpted design trunk that adds a form of elegance to the appearance of the calyx.

This chalice will add a charm of the old world to a table or altar.

  • is symbolising the humans female site
  • helps to release sealings

Denne kalken er pyntet med bilde av en ravn og et pentagram. Perfekt tillegg til ethvert bord, alter eller ritual.

Our magical raven and pentacle chalice is perfect for any witches' or pagan's altar. This food grade, stainless steel chalice has been imprinted with the imagery of a celtic knot work pentacle accompanied by a raven. The chalice's intricate molded stem adds a touch of old world refinement to this unique ritual tool. The stem of the chalice is also adorned with three triquetras and celtic knotting, bringing further magical detail to its presence. Each chalice is felt lined on the bottom of the stem to protect the surface of your furniture and your altar when using it.

Size: 7.0" x 2.25"
Holds: 8.0 oz
Chalice is food safe. Hand wash and dry. Not dishwasher safe.

Goblet / Chalice
Goblets are symbolising the human s female site. Several times our inner goblet is sealed through many injuries - the task of people is to release these sealing thus the female power of goddess can circulate without any hindrance. Through pulling a bell, rituals can be started and stopped. Because of the pulling negative energies are roused and banned. For this reason rituals can be executed without any interference.

A stunning 8oz. food grade stainless steel chalices 

The chalice also features a magical molded stem which adds a touch of arcane refinement and sophistication. This chalice is the perfect complement to any table, altar or ritual.


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