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Såpenøtter - Soap nuts hypoallergenic + wash bag


Såpenøtter - Soap nuts hypoallergenic + wash bag

Planet Pure Soap Nuts for laundry, are a pure, natural, untreated product that grows wildly at the altitude of the Himalayas. Suitable for the washing of various textiles.

Packaging: Plastic bag, with info in English. German label also available.
Made in: Austria.

Product specifications
Cleans fibers carefully and naturally
For temperatures between 30 ° and 95 °
Natural fabric softener
Mild on the skin
Dissolves calcium deposits
Ecological and sustainable
Comes with cotton wash bag

Directions for use
Place 6-8 soap nuts in a small cotton bag and place directly into the washing machine.
For whites, we recommend the addition of a stain remover, baking powder or soda. A fabric softener is not required. At the end of the wash cycle remove the cotton bag and dispose of in the organic waste.
Certificates: Austrian Organic Guarantee, Original Dermatest

Sapindus mukorossi * (Sapindaceae)

* Organic


Product specifications

Weight grams 300


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