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Søkepinner - Dowsing Rod "Divining Rods"


Søkepinner - Dowsing Rod "Divining Rods"

Dowsing Rods (Divining Rods) are mainly used to find water and geopathic grids. But they can also be utilized very well as oracles or for tracking power places or natural spirits.

Dowsing Rods

A dowsing rod is an instrument used for dowsing. A trained dowser can trace wells, metals, gemstones or other objects underneath the earth's surface or can find energetic interferences in for example your home. 
Dessa pekare har ett exklusivt utförande och levereras i en ask. De är i mässing och används för att finna vattenådror eller kraftlinjer. 

Pekarna är 31 cm långa och handtagen är 15 cm.
Based on an authentic divination tool from the ancient tradition of Dowsing this unique product can easily be used by people with no previous experience at all, but are equally attractive to the serious dowser.

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