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Solfanger 50cm Hanging Chakra Crystal


Solfanger 50cm Hanging Chakra Crystal

50cm Hanging Chakra Crystal

Beautful clear hanging crystal decorated with silver-effect charms featuring the Seven Chakras. Along with each of the Chakra symbols there are also coloured beads associated with the Chakra symbol.

Meditation Accessories

It symbolises the energy system of people. With 7 bright bowls in the colours of the chakras. 
Fascinating mobiles are creating an enchanting three-dimensional world. They energise every room in lightning-speed by swirling up stagnant issues and bringing them back to flow. They magically pull every observer under their spell, charm you and bring you back to your interior centre. As these mobiles were produced out of rustproof, qualitatively first-class steel, it is possible to hang them outside into gardens or on a terrace.

out of stainless steel with 7 charkra glass bowls


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