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Solfanger Feng Shui Messing Chakra Dragonfly


Solfanger Feng Shui Messing Chakra Dragonfly

When it hangs in the window, the sunlight turns magical colors throughout the room.
Denne vakre, klare fasetterte krystallkulen henger fra en streng utstyrt med fargerike perler som symboliserer fargene på de 7 chakraene. Denne krystall kan henges i huset ditt, balkongen eller hagen.

Brass Wire Hanging Crystal 7 Chakra Dragonfly 33cm

(Window) crystals are beautiful to see and show the colors of the sun light. This window pendant is made of a collection of colorful crystals and silver-colored pendulum chakra symbols that are strung together so that you can hang them in front of the window. A very decorative eyecatchers. But did you know that besides being beautiful, she is also very functional because of the healing effect of the combination of crystals? It is intended to harmonize your environment, because the collective light spectrum influences your sense of well-being.

The combination of these crystals ensures that the energy continues to flow, that negativity is taken away, that a certain energy is emitted from the rainbow colors, that your Chi (life energy) is protected and that this brings light and joy together. How? Your aura itself filters out from this spectrum of color and light what it needs.


The pendant is equipped with large elegant dragonfly and some smaller ones. Because of the ring shapes that are incorporated in the pendant, this is a popular pendant for the wind: it turns beautifully as it blows. Fun on your balcony, in the garden or on your veranda.

In Feng Shui, all kinds of products are being used to influence the energy flow, and also to neutralize negative energy. These rainbow crystals are a fine example of this.
Feng Shui (pronounce as: fang shouee) is the over 3,000 years old philosophy, teaching how the environments may influence your well-being. Feng Shui teaches in which way design, styling and the interior of your living environment are affecting your well-being and happiness, and also how negative influences may be altered into positive. Feng Shui is about the relationship between man and the living environment, including the workplace, and aims at harmonizing natural and created configurations. Everything we create is essentially not natural, but can be harmonized with nature. Feng Shui aims at adapting our living or working environment in ways that stimulate a harmonious flow of Chi (life force). In Chinese philosophy, it is all about harmony and balance between the complementary forces of yin and yang, like male and female, etc. 

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