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Solfanger Ganesha - Suncatcher Ganesha


Solfanger Ganesha - Suncatcher Ganesha

Ganesha removes obstacles and stands for spiritual and material prosperity.

>These sweet SunCatcher feel most comfortable at your room window. There they can throw beautiful, colorful light arcs around themselves and with their stainless steel symbol shine their energy throughout the room.
Total length: 27 cm, symbol ø 42 mm, drop crystal L: 38 mm of stainless steel and crystals, with suspension

In Feng Shui, all kinds of products are being used to influence the energy flow, and also to neutralise negative energy. These rainbow crystals are a fine example of this.

Feng Shui (pronounce as: fang shouee) is the over 3,000 years old philosophy, teaching how the environments may influenceyour well-being. Feng Shui teaches in which way design, styling and the interior of your living environment are affecting your well-being and happiness, and also how negative influences may be altered into positive. Feng Shui is about the relationship between man and the living environment, including the workplace, and aims at harmonising natural and created configurations. Everything we create is essentially not natural, but can be harmonised with nature. Feng Shui aims at adapting our living or working environment in ways that stimulate a harmonious flow of Chi (life force). In Chinese philosophy, it is all about harmony and balance between the complementary forces of yin and yang, like male and female, etc. 
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