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Solfanger - Lead Crystal Hanging Angel - Clear (with AB Coating)


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Solfanger - Lead Crystal Hanging Angel - Clear (with AB Coating)

nydelig liten engle solfanger, trekk solens og regnbuefargenes energi inn i rommet med en krystall solfanger

Dimensions: Angel is about 29 mm tall and its wings are about 26mm across. Lead crystal "angel" and wire is about 10 cm long. 

This angels wings have AB (Aurora Borealis) coating. Which means the lead crystal is coating with a thin layer of metal to enhance brilliance and reflective colour quality.

These sparkly little "angels" look delightful when hung in a sunny window. The magical rainbow effect really brightens the room. Made from very fine quality lead crystal.

More About Lead Crystal
Lead crystals (sometimes referred to as “crystal” or “leaded glass”) reflect light in wondrous ways, often creating rainbows and sparkles on the wall when the light hits them just right. They are great for hanging in windows or anywhere the light can get to them. Many hang them up to bring more light into their lives and make their surroundings magical. Hanging crystals such as these are termed 'bright objects' in feng shui bringing positive energy into a house and can be hung in spaces that need "energising".

Lead crystal is manufactured by adding lead oxide to molten glass. It is then machine cut into shapes. The higher the lead content the greater the “refractive index”, or in other words, the greater the sparkle. As the lead content goes up it becomes harder to form the crystal and therefore the price for higher lead content also tends to be higher. The maximum lead content is about 35%.



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