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Tarot Fundamentals Book - Lo Scarabeo


Tarot Fundamentals Book - Lo Scarabeo

Tarot Experience: Book One

A labor of love ten years in the making, Tarot Fundamentals is the first volume in Lo Scarabeo's authoritative compilation of tarot knowledge. With thorough perspectives on tarot history, reading, spiritual work, card meanings, and more, this full-color volume is an indispensable reference for beginners and adepts alike. Includes more than 400 color illustrations and contributions from a wide range of tarot experts, including Sasha Graham, Barbara Moore, Mark McElroy, Marcus Katz, Tali Goodwin, Giordano Berti, and Riccardo Minetti.


On the Back of the Book

The Fundamental Guide to the Tarot World is here!

Tarot, once a mysterious deck of symbols and images understood by a chosen few, is now a worldwide phenomena and the most popular form of Western Divination. Lo Scarabeo’s Tarot fundamentals is an essential, guide to Tarot usage, meaning, symbolism, art and history. An indispensable item for a beginning or seasoned Reader.

  • Keys to unlock the Arcana
  • Cultivate a personal Tarot practice
  • Exquisite Tarot art
  • Tapestries of Tarot history
  • Finding the right deck
  • Ignite the images and archetype
  • Tarot and ritual elements
  • Decode Tarot symbols
  • Tarot techniques
  • Courting the Court Cards
  • Tarot for the facets of life

Tarot fundamentals is the first of three volumes that will contain everything you ever wanted to know about Tarot from beginner to advanced level. Tarot Fundamentals will focus on the foundation of Tarot love. The other two volumes will be Tarot Experience and Tarot Compendium.

Information: 640 pages (Hardback)

Size: Approximately 235 x 195mm


About the Author

Tali Goodwin (England) is a tarot researcher and co-director of the Tarosophy Tarot Association. She is responsible for the Cards of Antiquity campaign which set the ground for the return of Lenormand, Kipper, and other antique decks in the mass market. Tali is the coauthor of several books, including Around the World in 78 Days and Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot.


Sasha Graham teaches tarot classes and produces tarot events at New York City's premier cultural institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has appeared on film, television, radio, and in the New York Times. She lives in New York City.


Marcus Katz (England) is a tarot teacher and co-director of the Tarosophy Tarot Association. He has studied and taught tarot for thirty-five years and has delivered more than ten thousand face-to-face readings. Marcus has coauthored several books, including Around the Tarot in 78 Days and Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot.

After purchasing his first Tarot deck in 1973, Mark McElroy began terrorizing other neighborhood nine-year-olds with dire and dramatic predictions.Today, he calls Tarot "the ultimate visual brainstorming tool," and shares techniques designed to help others ask better questions, see more options, and achieve their goals.

He is the author of Putting the Tarot to Work, Taking the Tarot to Heart, What's in the Cards for You?, and the new I Ching for Beginners (all Llewellyn). He is also the author of The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Tarot (Que).

Mark holds a B.A. and M.A. in creative writing and composition from the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi. He has more than two decades of experience as a public speaker and corporate trainer. He has written, produced, and hosted classroom, video, and online training for some of America's biggest companies, including SkyTel, MCI, Office Depot, Staples, and many others. Today, he works as a writer, voice actor, and creativity consultant; samples of his work are available at www.hiremark.com and www.tarottools.com.

Mark lives and writes in Mississippi, where he shares a home with his partner, Clyde, and two cats, Tiger and Lilly.



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