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Tarotkort eske/Smykkeskrin - Yoga Tree Storage Box


Tarotkort eske/Smykkeskrin - Yoga Tree Storage Box

Yoga Tree box (15x10 cm)

Beautiful tarot box with on the lid and sides an image of a woman doing the Vrikshasana yoga pose

Laminated new age box

Unleashing is completely the new trend, where you choose between what makes you happy or what you need and what you say goodbye to. When you have made the choices, the organizational process starts: all things deserve their own happy place. These luxurious wooden storage boxes are printed with spiritual New Age themes. Whether you store gems or jewelery in it, it’s stored safely and you have an overview again.


This storage box is a striking item in the color of sunrise. The figure shows a woman in powerful yoga pose, Vrikshasana, which means "the tree posture" in Sanskrit. This pose is based on balance.

Nice and handy storage box to store your Tarot or oracle cards. Also very suitable as a god box or as a storage box for your jewelry.

Tarot cards and jewelry box 
Material: Mdf Wood with an High gloss image 

Outside size: 15.3 cm long, 10.2 cm wide, 5 cm high.
Inside dimensions: 13.6 cm long, 8.5 cm wide, 4 cm high.





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