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The Tibetan Way of Life, Death & Rebirth - John Peacocke


The Tibetan Way of Life, Death & Rebirth - John Peacocke

The Illustrated Guide to Tibetan Wisdom

Tibet is the homeland of a profound but complex wisdom, characterized by a fascinating fusion of Buddhism with the older Bon religion. From Buddhism comes an emphasis on compassion, asceticism and enlightenment; while from Bon comes a preoccupation with shamanic healing, demonic forces and the fight between good and evil. This book looks at key themes of Tibetan belief in relation to the vital issues: how to live (including how to meditate and pray), how to prepare for death, how to negotiate the intermediate state known as bardo, how to escape from the endless cycle of rebirth. Also covered are the teachings of Tantra and of the lamas, as well as sacred texts such as "Song of Milarepa" and the 14th-century "Tibetan Book of the Dead". Beautifully illustrated, the book unfolds the mysteries of Tibetan belief with unparallelled clarity.
  •  Paperback | 144 pages
  •  17 x 14mm


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