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Tibetansk syngebolle Livets Blomst-Singing Bowl Flower of Life,

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Tibetansk syngebolle Livets Blomst-Singing Bowl Flower of Life, big in gift box

11,5 cm 

Singing Bowl Flower of life

Hand-hammered sound bowl with flower of life engraving. These singing bowls not only look beautiful, they also have a great vibration effect.

The power of the flower of life, the primordial symbol for manifestation, resonates with every turn of the singing bowl and helps to come unintentionally into our own center, to release blockages and release new life energy. The set is supplied with singing bowl underlay and gift box made of natural paper.

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is the symbolic depiction of life itself. In this symbol - which can be continued endlessly - the center (or the core), the development, and the perfect harmony are all portrayed. If we regularly energize our food and our water with this eternally valid, intelligent symbol, our consciousness is increasing, and the powers of light and healing inside of us are activated naturally.

Tibetan Singing Bowls


A special alloy is heated in the oven and then brought into shape by hundreds of countless hammer blows. For the hammer blows, up to 6 men are needed, which are alternately working on one single Singing Bowl.
Tibetan Singing Bowls, when struck correctly, create a wonderful atmosphere of peace and spirituality. The undertones and overtones they produce remove blockages and calm the mind. The Tibetan Singing Bowl is an instrument that belongs in every spiritual household.
Place the Singing Bowl in your left hand, held flat. Hold the stick in your right hand and strike the bowl softly on the outer rim. Turn the stick around the rim in order to gain full intensity of the overtones and undertones. With each order of a Singing Bowl (500 grams or more) one turning stick is delivered, free of charge!

Tibetan Singing Bowl