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Tokusen Sagano incense - Nippon Kodo Røkelse


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Tokusen Sagano incense - Nippon Kodo Røkelse

Tokusen Sagano incense -- ±36g

Elegant incense based on aromatic aloeswood (agar) with deep, earthy notes with soothing and refreshing effects.

Sagano is a forest of giant bamboos near Kyoto. It is one of the "100 sound landscapes of Japan", a selection of sounds that encourage us to stop and enjoy the music of nature. The elegant fragrance of this incense is a tribute to the wonderful sensations felt whilst walking in Sagano Bamboo Forest, lulled by the sound of bamboo trees moved by the wind. 

The incense sticks are made with ingredients such as agarwood and sandalwood and, when they’re burned, release aromatic notes of woody sandalwood and patchouli. The incense is named after Sagano, a giant bamboo forest near Kyoto in Japan, which is known as a ‘sound landscape,’ due to the sounds the bamboo trees make in the wind.

The Tokusen Sagano incense sticks are approximately 14cm long and come packaged in a brown and white paper roll decorated with Japanese patterns and lettering.


Burning time: 30 minutes per stick.
App. 50 sticks per roll.


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